We have simply turned back time to a period when contractors used to build in-house.

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    Ladbrooke Grove, London

Project Summery

The works comprise of an 8 storey new build office block, with double level basement for plant, car parking and back of house areas. There is also a separate third level of basement to form Princes Street and Hanover Square elevations at Ground Floor Level to be occupied by retail units. The building also comprises five single floor residential units with a single penthouse duplex above the entrance to Jarvis Court off Princes Street.

We inherited the site with the basement already dug out and works commenced in B3 where we installed the basement slab and lining walls up to B2. Drainage was installed within the slab at B2 level along with service ducts etc. with lift and stair cores built using traditional methods up to ground floor level. The lift and stair core were installed from ground floor using a slip form method up to Level 8 and the floors behind constructed using metal decking and Lytag concrete on Structural steelwork installed by others.

The residential core was constructed up to Level 5 using traditional RC Frame methods whilst the fit out works to commercial building were being carried out by others. We supplied and installed Precast Concrete Stairs to all floors in commercial and residential blocks with temporary handrails put in place until client installed permanent balustrade. The duration of our works on site was 34 weeks with an allowance for multiple return visits

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