We have simply turned back time to a period when contractors used to build in-house.

Project Details

  • Location
    Press Road, Neasden

Project Summary

Press House comprises of the demolition of the existing six story building occupying the site and the construction of a new residential development of 74 apartments.

The building will be delivered to first floor slab level in reinforced concrete and will be a Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) frame thereafter. The building will be 9 storeys tall at its maximum height, with a 6-story block and two further 3 storey blocks. The external envelope of the building will be a traditional brick façade, to blend in with the surrounding area.

The total contract period for this development is 74 weeks including the demolition of the existing building.

The coordination of the design is critical to successful delivery of this project, with the fixing of both Vertical and Horizontal services key to the manufacture of the CLT Frame.

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